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The Blueprint
Author: ALACD
Date: June 20, 2006

The Blueprint is developed with the community in mind, as a guide to providing active living opportunities for everyone. Based on five guiding principles established at the 1986 Jasper Talks, it reviews progress over the past ten years and posts a challenge to increase the participation of persons with disabilities in active living. The document also identifies the benefits of an active lifestyle and the barriers that often prevent people with disabilities from becoming involved in physical activities. In this edition, the Blueprint goals serve as a basis from which to plan, evaluate and modify active living initiatives for Canadians with a disability in a wide variety of contexts. To help all partners put these goals into action, useful resources and examples of efforts that have proven successful are described. 

This approach provides practical information that will help community leaders create an environment where people with disabilities are able to fully participate in physical activities of their choice. Individuals and organizations interested in closing the gap between the provision of services and the active living needs of individuals of all abilities will find the Blueprint an invaluable resource. 

Contact the Alliance for your free issue of the Blueprint Subsequent copies of this resource are available based on the following; 

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